Delasport is an independent international company set to deliver the most modern and cutting-edge software and turnkey solutions to gaming operators from all over the world.


After years of experience in the sports betting industry we laid the foundations of Delasport back in 2010 with our head office in Gibraltar and just a couple of people on board. The company now has multiple branches spread across Europe and Asia while our team has grown to over 100 people. Taking a leading role in the world of online gambling entertainment, Delasport offers a vast array of high-end products that enable launching and growing new operations in the sports betting industry as well as expanding current platforms, and propelling further development.


Our main goal has always been to be at the forefront of the sports betting industry capturing the very essence of innovation and weaving it into our products. Through continuous effort and with selfless dedication we strive to develop, improve, and provide market-leading solutions to all of our current and future partners.


Being experts in sports, risk management and trading, we have been able to earn the reputation of a company at the pinnacle of the online sports betting industry. As such, we have managed to establish long-lasting relationships with numerous reputable business partners.


Now, Delasport stands for stable growth and security. Our cutting-edge products and services, stand for quality, innovation, and increased profit. We, as a team, stand for progress, dedication, determination, and reliability. And this was just the beginning.

We believe that through constant innovation and dedicated effort we will manage to bring down the walls constraining the potential of conventional gaming. We are committed to setting new trends and reaching new heights in the world of online entertainment while simultaneously paving the way for others to follow in the wake of our success.

Our knowledge of the sports betting industry allows us to provide high quality turnkey solutions and professional services to you and your business which will pave your way to success. We are building the future of e-gaming experiences by laying its foundations on trust, innovation and excellence. We believe that that same future starts now and that it starts with Delasport.
Quality – We strive to constantly innovate and improve our methods, to rise above the standard and to deliver a unique, high-quality product and a service unrivaled by anyone else on the market.
Integrity– Our professional and personal code of conduct is always inspired and guided by intellectual and behavioral integrity, and transparency. Being genuine as people is key to earning and retaining the trust of our employees and clients.
Leadership– Leadership in Delasport means setting out the best example – providing selfless service, shaping the bigger picture, and, above all else – being trustworthy and honorable. That’s what a true leader does.
Professionalism– Competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and cooperation – these are the elements of a true professional – the ingredients behind our top quality approach, and dedication to delivering an exceptional experience to our clients.
Contribution – Each and every member of the Delasport family contributes positively to our community and environment, while in the same time adding value and improving our products and services.
Our Team
Shir Kogan
Business Developer
”The drive, the mentality to push forward, to stay a step ahead of everyone else is the key ingredient to the success of Delasport.”
"A technical approach is often the best way to solve a problem. Our code does more than just give solutions - it sets the pace at which the industry develops."
Customer Care
“Being close to our customers and getting to really know them is what enables us to take Customer Support to the next level.”