Market Reports

Market Reports

The South African iGaming Report: Navigating a Fast-Growing Market

South Africa is an exciting and fast-growing iGaming market. Yet, untangling its regulatory landscape proves to be a challenge without [...]

Brazil’s iGaming Market: The Giant is Awake

  In the past, we’ve outlined Brazil as a sleeping giant and the big news this year is that the […]

The Swedish iGaming Market: How to Run a Successful Operation While Complying with Regulatory Limitations

  Sweden has one of the most comprehensive regulatory systems when it comes to iGaming, but if an operator selects […]

Estonia iGaming market report: A safe bet

The Estonian iGaming market presents a promising environment for operators and suppliers as one of the most recent and well-known […]

Online Gambling in California: a game of many players

California is the biggest state in the US, with a huge geography and an incredibly diverse populace. With nearly 40 […]

Brazil iGaming market report: A sleeping giant about to wake

Latin America’s largest and most populous country, Brazil, is frequently referred to as a sleeping giant in the global iGaming […]

Spanish iGaming market report: A European Powerhouse

The Spanish iGaming market is one of the largest in Europe and has seen significant growth in recent years, despite […]

Romanian iGaming market report – from strength to strength

Romania is one of the most alluring iGaming markets available, with one of the fastest internet connections in the world, […]

German iGaming market report: Major strengths and characteristics

In recent months, the European Union’s largest country has made great progress in opening the iGaming market to its population […]

The Ontario iGaming market report: Open for business

On April 4, 2022, the Ontario government formally opened the market for sportsbooks and internet casinos. This is a big […]

Danish iGaming Market Report: Leading the way

Given that Scandinavia has a high rate of technological adoption, Denmark’s steady rise to the top of the European iGaming […]

Mexican iGaming Market Report: Growing fast

It’s no secret that the iGaming potential in Mexico is huge and that operators are noticing just how big the […]

Online Betting in Africa is expanding

Africa has a long history with sports betting. In the last decade, it has proven to be a lucrative market […]

LatAm Gambling Market – A growing need for regulation

For many years the LatAm gambling (Latin American) market has been considered very prosperous and appealing to major operators who […]

The untapped Indian betting market

A country with a huge population, a large percentage of which represented by the middle class, India has grown immensely […]