Delasport Academy – The Road to Success

Delasport Academy - The Road to Success

We at Delasport believe that investing in Junior Developers can be a great way to consolidate knowledge, as well as lay quality foundations for building even more sustainable staff.

To build a successful junior developer, the company should have a clear goal for the person’s development and an action plan. We created such a plan with our Mentoring Program – “Delasport Academy“.

Since the end of 2022, we’ve been in collaboration with IT Talents, a leading company for training junior developers. Although partnering with them from quite recently, we believe that we are working with the best in the industry. Our first graduates from the academy have attested to their skills and qualifications.

The objective of the accelerated 4-months IT Talents program is to equip the trainees with the fundamental knowledge necessary for our business, as well as to retain and develop them over the long term. During their training, the graduates of IT Talents successfully overcome numerous challenges that help them grow and follow their dream of becoming successful developers in an international company.



What is Delasport Academy?

Delasport Academy is the next step after completing the IT Talent camp, where cadets who have successfully passed an interview with us come to upgrade their knowledge. The purpose of our Academy is to teach new employees the company’s work model, teamwork, and the basics that are common to all teams such as scrum ceremonies, internal processes, and more.

After the start of the course, the training in the academy runs an average of two months; the cadets’ mentors aim to transfer knowledge and they are responsible for the cadets’ successful integration into the company. In the beginning, junior developers work on internal projects, with each project starting from the basics, consisting of Back End and Front End developers. We currently have two separate teams that are being integrated into the company in parallel, and our goal is to integrate 10 newly graduated junior developers! Teams work in two-week sprints, with the most exciting part being presenting a Demo to the whole company. While there is a lot of anxiety and excitement at the same time, a job well done by both mentors and cadets afterwards undoubtedly fuels and motivates them even more!



“Behind every successful talent, there is his successful mentor!”

In addition to consolidating and upgrading their knowledge, junior developers acquire the so-called “soft skills” needed to fit into the company’s culture. Furthermore, developers with more knowledge and higher-up in the hierarchy will have to answer questions from less experienced employees. This means they will need to be ready with well-reasoned and comprehensible answers or even revise concepts and learn new methodologies on their own.

New employees bring additional motivation and are a source of fresh, creative ideas. Junior Developers often have a different approach to solving problems, i.e. they think “outside the box”.


Junior software engineers are an excellent illustration of how a person can be molded early in his professional development. Learning the way of work and applying an individual approach to each young specialist gives faster and better results over time. We believe that this is a priceless investment with a high rate of return that will continue to benefit the company’s personnel growth.