The Delasport native mobile app is now available

Delasport launch new native mobile app

Delasport’s new native mobile app for Android and Apple (iOS) devices includes a fully functional sportsbook and casino, enhancing the UX look and feel for smartphones and improving the quality of the betting experience with creative and intuitive mobile design.

The app is designed to work with Delasport’s powerful sportsbook, casino, and player account management platform (PAM) to provide the whole betting experience on phones and tablets. Players can now experience quick gameplay with increased performance, speed, and the capabilities of modern mobile devices thanks to the new native apps.


Customization, gamification, and personalization

In addition to a comprehensive sportsbook and casino experience, the Delasport native mobile app includes innovative customization and gamification features to boost user engagement and differentiate the company from its competitors. Cross-product Tournaments, Missions, Badges, Spin & Win, and other gamification elements will also be available to players.


Push notifications and security

As soon as the app is downloaded and installed on a device, it provides convenient and quick access. Delasport’s partners may communicate with their players in real-time using the built-in push notifications feature on their devices. The software also addresses current security demands by supporting biometric login and facial recognition on supported devices.


Thinking ahead

“We are pleased with the improved version of our native mobile applications,” Delasport CEO Oren Cohen Shwartz said. “We went above and beyond to build the most user-friendly design with rapid betting selections and a personalized betting experience. Players will be able to play whenever they choose, while our partners will stay competitive and ready for the future.”