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Grow your customer base with a higher level of betting experience through unique player personalization.


Spice up your player retention and acquisition through a rich array of cross-product engagement tools.


Offer content, tools, and features that are relevant to the specific market, and to the player's flavors.


Maximize betting margin and profit with industry-leading sports coverage, spanning 100,000 pre-match and 70,000 live events across more than 3000 markets and 125 sports, including Esports.

  • The industry’s most experienced traders and risk managers
  • Personalization and rich retention capabilities
  • An intuitive mobile interface that players love
  • Full-stack including cash-out, bet-builder, quick bet, and more
  • Tailored sports betting software solutions for every market
  • High availability of the gambling offering


We provide a full turnkey setup and a robust casino platform with cross-product bonusing seamlessly across any brand and vertical. Our casino platform combines modern front-end technology with sophisticated back-office capabilities.

  • Over 50 partners globally
  • Personalization and rich retention capabilities
  • An intuitive mobile interface that players love
  • Huge portfolio of 3000+ video slots from 70+ providers
  • Comprehensive coverage of 300+ live casino for four providers
  • High availability of the gambling offering

Orbit – PAM

The Orbit platform by Delasport delivers beyond the expectations of a typical Player Account Management System for tier-1 operations. Built with a regulation requirements infrastructure, we and our partners enter existing and emerging regulated markets quickly, and effectively adjust to existing ones.

  • A one-stop-shop comprehensive player account management to manage entire operational aspects
  • Cross-product bonus engine with real-time data to increase retention and conversion across all brands and verticals
  • Advanced CMS to create, manage, and improve the digital experience of your customers
  • Seamless wallet allows operators to manage and handle player’s payment transactions across all gaming and payment suppliers with real-time monitoring
  • A customizable analytics dashboard to gain and organize valuable insights
  • Unique real-time retention and gamification tools
  • Unique services and tools like a personal trader (ability to chat with a trader), quick bet, If Bet suggestions

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