The game has changed. Now, it's personal.


Give players superior experience by allowing them to tailor their betting through advanced features.


Acquire and retain players through proprietary technology, built for today's bettors.


Offer content, tools, and features that are relevant to the specific market, and to the player's preferences.

My Sportsbook

Give players the power to explicitly choose their favorite sports, leagues, and teams, and personalize their home screen through an intuitive Wizard-like menu. Let them get into the action they want to see, right from the moment they log in.

  • An exciting and unique betting experience
  • Highly effective player retention through deeper personalization
  • Quicker to find and place a bet
  • Active directly after first deposit for an engaging experience
  • Easier navigation on the small screen
  • Players only see the sports, leagues, and teams that they are interested in

My Event Builder

A one-of-a-kind feature that allows the player to create their own betting events, based on two real-life matches. A true differentiator that every bettor loves.

  • Intuitive and fun betting on favorite teams and athletes
  • Players can choose teams that they are knowledgeable about, thus gaining an edge
  • A highly personalized experience where the player is in control
  • An intuitive interface that allows for quick navigation
  • Innovative feature that sets you apart from other operations in the market


Maximize betting margin and profit with industry-leading sports coverage, spanning 100,000 pre-match and 70,000 live events across more than 3000 markets and 125 sports, including Esports.

  • The industry’s most experienced traders and risk managers
  • Personalization and rich retention capabilities
  • An intuitive mobile interface that players love
  • Full-stack including cash-out, bet-builder, quick bet, and more.
  • Tailored sports betting software solutions for every market
  • High availability of the gambling offering


We provide a full turnkey setup and a robust casino platform with cross-product bonusing seamlessly across any brand and vertical. Our casino platform combines modern front-end technology with sophisticated back-office capabilities.

  • Over 50 partners globally
  • Personalization and rich retention capabilities
  • An intuitive mobile interface that players love
  • Huge portfolio of 3000+ video slots from 70+ providers
  • Comprehensive coverage of 300+ live casino for four providers
  • High availability of the gambling offering


Our platform delivers beyond the expectations of a typical Player Account Management System for tier-1 operations. Built with a regulation requirements infrastructure, we and our partners enter existing and emerging regulated markets quickly, and effectively adjust to existing ones.

  • A one-stop-shop to manage entire operational aspects
  • Cross-product bonus engine with real-time data
  • Increase retention and conversions across all brands and verticals
  • Advanced CMS to create, manage, and improve the digital experience of players
  • Seamless wallet to manage and handle players’ payment transactions across all gaming and payment suppliers with real-time monitoring
  • Customizable analytics dashboard to gain and organize valuable insights
  • Unique real-time retention and engagement tools like missions, tournaments, level progression, spin the wheel, achievements, and more

Full Customization

Delasport’s sportsbook solution, including all ‘My Era’ features, is fully customizable to the operator’s preferences and branding. Colors, fonts, layout – nothing is off-limits when tailoring DelaSports to your business.

  • Bespoke solution to answer all operator needs
  • Ability to tailor any UI element: fonts, colors, layout, texts, logos, buttons, and more
  • Quick go-to-market enabler
  • Advanced dashboard customization: choose which metrics to follow, and how to target different player segments

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