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The crowning achievement of our efforts – Delasport Sportsbook Platform

Our sportsbook solutions provide the richest betting coverage available online. We offer a premium software solution that can be implemented by already existing gambling operators or utilized independently as a standalone product.


Through the Delasport sportsbook, you will gain access to thousands of sporting events, spread across multiple sports, monthly with an evergrowing number of markets available for each event. Thanks to its simple yet compelling interface we guarantee maximum end-user satisfaction leading to a steady increase in profits for the operator.


Our odds-compiling algorithm ensures that the end user will always be presented with the most attractive odds possible adjusted according to the best margins, and with you in complete control of the whole process. An advanced risk management system allows you various customizations including displaying or hiding different leagues and changing payouts.


An excellent example of the success of our system would be the Asian Handicap market which we have perfected over the years and now represents the highlight of our sports betting expertise.


The sportsbook package is highly customizable with a number of premium features available to improve the quality of the product as well as the overall experience both for customers and for operators. The product is available in both Asian and European view.


Live Betting

With the high demand for an action-packed betting experience, our Live Betting feature will not fail to deliver. Thousands of events available for In-Play betting with a growing number of markets available for each. We are providing real-time updates followed by ultra-fast odds alterations. And according to the latest trends – we can add to the package a “Live Center” feature which enables a graphical representation of the play-by-play of each game alongside Live in-game stats.



We are living in an era ruled by portable communications devices. To ensure that all customers can enjoy the same high-quality betting experience anywhere, anytime, we have designed our Mobile portal which supports all features of the sportsbook available on its desktop version – pre-match and live events, as well as HTML5 casino games – you name it. Thus, we enable operators to take full advantage of the rapidly escalating use of smartphone and tablet devices and in turn to increase conversion and maximize profits.



If you wish to explore new frontiers in the betting industry, there is no better way to pursue such an idea than becoming an Agent. This will grant you access to a multi-tier structure that will enable you to operate your sportsbook on a credit system with minimum effort. As an agent, you will gain full control over customer management through a simple interface fully stocked with a number of premium features including commissions, position taking, credit control, transfers, different odds levels, reports, and of course all Asian Agent characteristics you can think of.


XML Feeds

One of the ways you can expand your business is by integrating our XML feed to your website. Through this tool, we are able to export all of our sportsbook content, including pre-match and live events in XML format, and link it directly to you.

This means that existing operators can enrich their portfolio by adding events or markets that have not been available to them previously, or to use all available content, mainly our highly attractive odds, for comparison. Either way, the benefits brought by our XML feed are huge, and we are confident in the game-changing capabilities of our product.



Our API solution is the next logical step, a striving business has to take on the road to success. A quick implementation will allow you to take full advantage of our services and to link them to your existing website and/or app.

The API brings to the table not only our sportsbook content but provides a full-fledged betting platform implemented directly at your end. You can have all our odds pushed swiftly to your platform while the API gives you the flexibility to change it according to your risk strategy. Visitors will be able to place bets directly on your website, we will take care of the whole bet-approval procedure on our end, and the end result will, also, emerge on your own platform.

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Why choose Delasport?

With us you will have access to the best technology on the market, thus enabling you to compete with the top bookies online right from the get go. Our product features incredible odds and tools that will let you increase your profits and achieve your goals with ease. Last but not least, we are experts in the industry, and will be guiding you to success every step of the way.

What is the difference between Asian and European view?

The Asian view emphasizes on the 2-way markets (Handicap and Over/Under). It also allows you to display more lines and sorts those according to time and market. There are also some differences in the way the bet slip is displayed. The European view emphasizes on the traditional 1X2 market and sorts events according to jurisdictions. The former appeals more to players who are into Live betting and bet more frequently, while the latter is preferred by players who treasure the special markets, and are more used to pre-match wagers.

Can I utilize both the European and the Asian views?

Delasport is one of a few companies that allow their customers to benefit both from the Asian and the European view of the sportsbook product. It all depends on your business approach towards different target markets. Moreover, you will have the freedom to choose and set your favorite view by default and to switch between both at any given moment.

Is the Live Center available only for Soccer events?

No. The live center will soon be available for other sports like basketball and tennis, thus allowing you to increase your live-betting traffic across all three sports.

Do I have to choose between the traditional sportsbook product and the agent system?

Such a choice is not necessary. A site can be operated both as a traditional sportsbook, which requires users to create and account and deposit in order to bet and as an agent, which allows you to manage all user accounts and finances. Both platforms can run simultaneously on a single website thus expanding the overall performance of your product, and this will not cause any disturbances to either. This exact feature is the crowning achievement of our efforts to perfect sports betting technology, and take you to the next level.

Is there any delay in the data feed sent by Delasport?

Our interval updates run consistently, thus allowing you to receive up-to-date data with minimum delay, providing a better iGaming experience to your users.

Who can take advantage of your API?

Our API solution is available to all who wish to trade via this product – professional punters, people who wish to customize betting tools, affiliates, and commercial partners and sportsbook operators- all are welcome to approach us regarding implementation. Nevertheless, at times, we might need to first examine the purpose to which you intend to put our product before enabling you to use it.

Do you offer tech support as well?

Absolutely! We provide simple and clear documentation for both the XML Feed and the API solution that will assist your tech team with the smooth integration of our product. Regardless, you can count on our tech team to assist with any query you might have during the process.

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