Welcome to Our New Sofia Home!

Welcome to Delasport’s new home in Sofia, Bulgaria! We’re proud and excited to continue our growth in the stunning building of Office X, at the very foot of the humbling Vitosha mountain. 

Welcome to our new office!We just relocated to a state-of-the-art office in the best location in Sofia, Bulgaria, marking a significant milestone in our global expansion journey.

The new modern office provides ample space to accommodate Delasport’s rapidly growing team of skilled professionals. It boasts upgraded facilities, including recreational areas and cool office pods, fostering employee satisfaction, collaboration, and efficiency.

The high-end creative space is a perfect fit for our needs, providing comfort, convenience, and a plethora of opportunities to connect. Located right next to the biggest shopping mall in Bulgaria – Paradise Center – Delasport’s new spot presents plenty of options for lunch, after-work entertainment with friends, or a team movie night.

And speaking of entertainment – the office comes equipped with a PlayStation area, a pool table, two stunning terraces, and several chill-out spaces. We believe one of the best ways to extract creativity and collaboration is through play, so this is one of the centerpieces in our new company home. 



Spanning across a whole floor in Office X, Delasport’s team has the opportunity to work collaboratively in any of the 6 conference rooms, 3 co-working areas, or conduct 1-on-1 meetings in the designated and secluded phone-booth-like spaces. 

Grabbing a coffee or a bite is also a part of our everyday life at Delasport, so a spacious kitchen and coffee corners spread around the office are essential. One of the kitchen’s walls is panoramic and can be fully opened so that the space merges with the play area right in front. This is also where we have team events like the welcome breakfast and after-work party on the day of our official stepping-in at Office X. 



With 7 hi-tech elevators, ultrafast internet connection, the latest generation air conditioning system with 3D sensors controlling airflow, and ventilation ensuring fresh air of 12 000 m³/h for our floor, the building we’ve just settled in is a true state-of-the-art jewel. Exactly the type we need as a hi-tech company in one of the fastest-growing industries. 

“We’re happy we found a place that is able to accommodate our rapid growth and has all the convenience we may need as a global leader in iGaming software development”, says Delasport’s CEO Oren Cohen Shwartz. “What lies ahead is more great and innovative products being pushed out of this amazing location and we can’t wait to share more results.” 

If you’d also like to join a fast-developing industry leader with the best office location in Sofia, make sure to check out our Careers page and apply for the best fit according to your expertise and interests!