18bet launches Delasport’s new Bet Builder product

18bet launches Delasport’s new Bet Builder product

18bet has recently launched Delasport’s new Build a Bet product, enabling 18bet sports customers to build their own combined bet within a single match from hundreds of markets, with instantly updated odds. Through the new Bet Builder, 18bet players gain complete control and can self-serve by building their own bet with an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface – enhancing their experience like never before. By selecting different bets, players can combine them into one and add multiple picks from a single game, building a unique and tailored bet with the odds updated automatically and instantly.


Following the launch, Delasport CEO, Oren Shwartz says the following:

“With the new Bet Builder product, we set to enrich the betting experience by allowing players to build their own personalized bet with an intuitive and detailed interface”. We take player personalization experiences very seriously as we know that it has significant potential to increase player loyalty and longevity through a higher level of service.”


Steven Andrews, Head of Sport at 18bet, also comments on the new launch:

“Delasport’s Sportsbook demonstrated strong performance for us and the players already like the product and find it very intuitive. We are happy to add the new Build Your Bet functionality as it increases the players’ engagement with additional bets offering and higher betting experience”.

The new Bet Builder is just one of several innovative features that the global leading company has released to increase the player experience through data personalization, including sports event displays according to geolocation, odds per VIP level, and much more.


About Delasport

Established in 2010, Delasport delivers a one-stop-shop solution of sports betting and online casino platforms. As an expert in sports and risk management, Delasport has earned a reputation as a premium sports betting supplier, offering operators complete solutions including white-label sportsbook and turnkey products for online casinos. The company has multiple branches spread across the globe and operates in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.