Oded Amir: Our Platform Is Built with a ‘Future-Proof’ Mindset

Oded Amir Interview

Oded Amir, our recently appointed VP of Product, joins the firm with over 15 years of experience, mainly working in product positions with the likes of SBTech and DraftKings. Here he shares his vision and strategic direction for Delasport’s products and how they will align with customer needs, business growth, and the firm’s overall technology roadmap.

You’ve recently joined Delasport, with vast experience in the iGaming industry. What’s your vision and strategy for your new role?

Indeed, my experience in the iGaming industry is over 15 years now and is primarily in product positions with platforms (PAM) as a focus. My vision is to enhance Delasport’s platform product offering across new and existing markets and jurisdictions.

Additionally, I’ll make sure to cement Delasport’s status as an industry leading one-stop-shop B2B solution through our cutting-edge sportsbook solution. The company already has a stellar reputation, so my strategy is to build on that and offer a platform that will benefit both operators and players.

What would you point out as the main strengths of Delasport’s platform?

In the first place, Delasport’s platform is a comprehensive one-stop-shop management system. It truly covers all operational activities across any channel and product. The platform aims to save operators’ money and time by automating various operational capabilities and ultimately to increase profitability.

Then there is the ‘Orbit’ back office. It allows operators to manage all aspects of their iGaming business: player and VIP management, KYC, sales and marketing, communications, payments, wallet, bonusing, risk and fraud, regulations and responsible gaming, affiliate management, content management and reporting and BI.

For us it’s key to be reliable. We’re glad that operators who use the platform already know they can fully rely on our payment and bonus engines, as well as our anti-fraud and AML systems, and everything that goes into such a complex solution.

How do you tailor the product roadmap when working on something as big as Delasport’s platform?

Listening to our customers’ needs is key. Our product roadmap represents our unwavering commitment to them. We value our partnerships and support our customers as they grow their business. At the same time, we do not lose sight of our overarching vision, which is to provide a best-in-breed iGaming product by adding new innovative features, supporting new markets and regulations, providing a secure, robust and scalable solution.

Yes, as industry experts we know what a great platform should include, but iGaming is a dynamic and fast-developing field, so the best way to stay ahead is to be fine-tuned to what operators and players have to say. We value the fact that by default our customers are incredibly smart and usually very savvy people, so we listen carefully and make sure to provide the best experience on the market.

What would you say to operators who are looking for a new platform, but are hesitant to take the leap?

The benefits of a new and more adequate platform to their business needs far outweigh the risks and downsides of the migration process if done right by professionals like Delasport’s team. We know operators usually fear the migration process as they worry about the potential impact on their day-to-day operations and business in general.

At Delasport we not only provide an industry-leading platform that can accommodate any business operations, but we also put potential operators’ minds at ease as we offer an easy and seamless transition with little to no friction to players.

The downtime is minimal and done at an almost undetectable moment for the player. This is where the combination of great technology and vast experience makes all the difference. A recent case study is the complete migration we did for FansBet. They were looking for a smooth transition to a new and stable platform where they could scale up their operation. We were able to fully migrate them with service downtime of less than two hours.

How do you guarantee the safety and confidentiality of user data that goes onto and through Delasport’s platform?

At Delasport we value security and privacy and therefore apply a multi-layered approach to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of user data.

First, we apply separation on the infrastructure layer, where each operator has their data segregated from other operators. Second, we apply separation on the application layer, where information is available based on user roles.

To ascertain our security control, we periodically conduct penetration tests to make sure our system is held to the highest standards. In addition, we are fully compliant with GDPR.

GDPR is essential, but what about all other regulations and jurisdictions? Can operators feel safe utilizing Delasport’s platform?

The platform was built with future expansion in mind, with emphasis on regulated markets.

As mentioned above, it provides standard measures for regulatory compliance such as responsible gaming tools, KYC, fraud and AML capabilities.

In addition, we have a robust reporting suite which provides the regulatory reporting needed. We tailor our existing offering to answer any requirements when a customer is expanding to a new regulated market. This way we allow for quick time to market for any desired jurisdiction.

And what about operators who can’t or don’t want to deal with all the operations that go into running an iGaming business? How can Delasport support them?

For operators who do not possess the expertise or the desire to manage the day-to-day aspects of running an iGaming business, we provide a fully-managed services solution. This includes CRM, VIP management, payments and payout management, customer support, casino management, anti-fraud, KYC, AML and responsible gaming.

Utilizing said services allows for quick time to market, lower overall costs and a competitive edge in the crowded iGaming space. The operator can entrust these and more to our team of hand-picked experts. This way said operator is able to focus on what matters just as much – attracting and retaining players. We help every step of the way: from entering a new jurisdiction to scaling along a well-functioning iGaming business.

How can operators get to know their players better when using Delasport’s platform and use this information to retain them?

Our data-driven approach allows each customer to have a unique and dynamic gaming experience. Nowadays personalization and tailored experiences are key. At the same time, this approach enables operational teams to build a bespoke strategy per customer segment. Such a strategy usually includes targeted promotions and upselling to relevant sports and markets.

Unique experiences are achieved via our in-house data modeling which is based on player geolocation, gaming favorites and gaming behavior on our platform. We’ve made sure to take personalization to heart, because in the times of artificial intelligence and chatbots the personal approach and freedom to customize can be a game changer.

What’s next for Delasport and its platform? How are you looking to stay a step ahead of the competition in terms of what you offer?

The next natural step is to leverage new business partnerships for further expansions to new regulatory jurisdictions and new markets as a B2B turnkey provider. To preserve our leading position in the iGaming business, we will continue listening to our customers and leverage our extensive in-house operational experience to create the most appealing one-stop-shop solution available.