The Future of Managed Services in iGaming

The Future of Managed Services in iGaming

As the iGaming industry grows, every new sportsbook or online casino requires a massive operational force in order to run the day-to-day operation and stay competitive or ideally – ahead. And while brand identity and player acquisition are best handled by the operator, pretty much everything else can be entrusted to a reliable 3rd party platform partner. 

As one such partner, we, at Delasport, assure you access to well-trained professionals who have experienced to date best practices and are able to assess the trends to come.  Managed Services in iGaming is developing at a faster pace as Operators choose to focus on their brand and player acquisition and leave the daily compliance, retention, payout and many other services in the trusty hands of their 3rd party platform provider. Here are a few key points that we foresee for the coming 5 to 10 years. 

1. Localization 

To remove the risk to be over dependent on a single market, Operators are required to operate in several markets at the same time. Therefore, the need for localized services is a key to success. Delaport’s Managed Services allow operators to access many markets as it supports player-facing services like customer support and VIP in native languages. In addition, localization means relevant casino and sports content, applicable payment method and specific regulatory expertise. Managed Services by the platform decrease the hustle of operation localization and increases the operation efficiency. 

2. Quicker Time to Market 

Outsourcing time-consuming and complicated tasks to a skilled and well-prepared team means you can launch your iGaming business at an incredible speed. Letting experts take care of all operational, technical, legal, and financial aspects of iGaming on your behalf saves you months, sometimes years of research, learning, trials and errors. 

3. Lower Costs 

In-house hiring is time-consuming and costly. Taking Managed Services from the Platform provider saves operators a lot of money on hiring/recruitment, full-time salaries, offices, employee retention and much more. The already established processes a Managed Services provider has in place also contribute to the smooth running of the business and quicker profit realization. Those are just two of the many examples of ways entrusting aspects of your business to proven partners like Delasport saves you money and other resources. 

4. Continuous Growth  

Managed Services, as a vital part of iGaming, are growing along with the whole sector. As more and more operators discover the advantages of delegating critical aspects of their operation to proven experts, this section of the industry is bound to keep developing.   In 2022, the global iGaming industry was valued at $63.53 billion and was expected to grow annually at a compound rate of 11.7%, reaching $153.57 billion by 2030.  More markets are getting regulated and additional brands are opened. Managed Services grow proportionally, so their potential is massive. 

 5. Further Segmentation 

Not that long ago Customer Support was the main service being outsourced, both in iGaming, and IT in general. But nowadays, with the incredible growth the industry is experiencing, the need for more and more niche services is emerging. While we do have different types of payment, payout, and customer journey management, there is a lot more to come. Player experience, for example, will get divided in multiple sections so that experts can specialize in even more detail in each. Teams or dedicated managers will work on improving and handling onboarding, others will be responsible for maintaining high satisfaction, different people will go in depth into reasons for leaving a platform or choosing another one, etc. At Delasport we’re prepared for the probability of analysis also getting very segmented, as well as operations management and all sorts of compliance-related activities. 

6. Technological Advancements 

While experts are going to get more specialized, technology is also advancing. This applies in full force to iGaming and Managed Services in particular. A lot of the processes related to those services are assisted by cutting-edge innovations such as the ones we develop and use at Delasport. The advancement of AI will have a serious impact on our sector by immensely improving the data it generates about player behavior, risk, and much more. And what’s more important: it will be able to provide us with guidance and conclusions based on the observations it makes. This is key due to the abundance of data we witness today, but the lack of knowledge or time by most people to draw any significant conclusions based on it. 


Why Choose Managed Services? 

Those advancements are inevitable because Managed Services are now inseparable from iGaming in general. But why are they so essential? Here are just 3 of the many significant benefits according to the feedback of our long-term successful customers. 

1. Reliable Payment Management 

By letting a Managed Services team of experts handle Payment Management, you provide yourself and your business with ease of mind knowing this key aspect is secure and running smoothly. Should you choose a Managed Services provider like Delasport, you should also know this secures operation with all the top required payment methods per market and the most up-to-date payment solutions.  

2. Highly Effective Casino Management 

Managing an online casino is no easy task, especially if your brand operates in numerous markets and requires content localization expertise. However, this is yet another aspect that can be managed by a Manager Services team of experts. In the case of Delasport, this would guarantee you a secure relationship with over 70 providers and more than 3000 slots, jackpot, table, card, and live games, making sure your lobby is populated by the top titles per market. 

 3. Having Full Control without the Hassle 

Control all aspects of your operation, from the configuration of limits, payout, and win exposure through to bonus configuration, VIP handling, AML, withdrawal management, and more. With secured access to the back office of our platform, you’ll be able to view configurations, real-time reports, and digested BI reports. 


And there is more good news! We do mention delegating to an ‘external team’ from time to time, but with Delasport you won’t feel like you’ve hired a group of external experts. We make sure every partner of ours feels like they’ve just added a well-prepared ready-to-go team to their own workforce. A team that is yours only managed by us. Your goals are our goals, and your priorities are our main focus. 

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