How Delasport’s Sportsbook iFrame benefits casino operators

How Delasport's Sportsbook iFrame benefits casino operators

‘Adding a Sportsbook Creates a brand-new revenue stream for Casino Operators’, says says Oren Cohen Shwartz, CEO of Delasport regarding the current trends in the iGaming industry. ‘Missing out on this opportunity costs the operators players who are looking to bet on both casino and sports in one place’.

In his opinion, implementing sports products not only doesn’t cannibalise existing revenue streams, but in fact helps protect them.

And while introducing a whole new segment sounds like a lot of work, Delasport’s Sportsbook iFrame solution makes it as easy as integrating a video slots provider.



“Plug & Play” solution

‘Most casino operators understand the need to add a sports product. Yet, there is a misconception that implementing and operating a Sportsbook product is extremely complicated’, our CEO points out. According to him, this is far from the truth. One of the key benefits of Delasport’s Sportsbook iFrame is that it is straightforward and quick to embed. For this exact reason, the team named it Plug & Play. Oren compares it to simply adding a new slots provider.

‘Another concern casino operators have is about lacking knowledge of sports, but this isn’t a fundamental requirement. Our partners gain access to a team of professional trading and risk managers who oversee the whole operation’, he shares.

Furthermore, the Plug & Play Sportsbook iFrame solution provides the perfect opportunity to cross-sell casino products to sports bettors, with cost per acquisition much lower for sports players than it is for casino bettors.



Making the Right Choice

Choosing a sportsbook iFrame solution provider should be based on several key considerations. The first ones on the list are product and coverage.

According to Oren Cohen Shwartz, an excellent sportsbook is covering all required features on the operator’s markets – from sports disciplines, betting options, mobile UX, cash-out, scalability, different odds format, multiple currencies, a variety of languages, etc.

In the case of our solution, there are over 100,000 pre-match and 70,000 live events across 125 different types of sports.  Another significant benefit is the fact the markets range from classic football and cricket to esports, virtual sports, and live tournaments.


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Another important aspect is to look for a modern sportsbook. One that utilizes the newest technologies to allow operators to differentiate themselves in their markets, with a set of unique player engagement tools. Features like tournaments, missions, levels etc. increase player satisfaction and improve lifetime value. It is crucial for operators to focus on player satisfaction as it greatly influences customer retention.



Risk Management

Another thing to consider when choosing a solution provider is the experience, particularly in terms of risk management. This can be achieved by either hiring a sports betting expert or selecting a provider with access to professional traders and risk managers.

This type of management includes the identification, evaluation, and prioritisation of risks. It might mean everything from the initial event pricing and any odds movement to limit liability to increasing the betting limits available to customers and analysing particular betting behaviours to keep track of new information.

Oren points out that Delasport’s Sportsbook trading staff covers top and minor sports in-depth. In a revenue-sharing business model, the sportsbook iFrame provider should act as a trusted partner, manage the sports product professionally, and maintain the highest margin to achieve new business goals. By doing so, there is a mutual interest in growing the business, with the provider supporting the operator in adding new features to their offering.



Final words

‘Sportsbook Plug & Play iFrame allows operators to get all the benefits of adding a sports product to their casino brand. It is quick, and they don’t need to have the know-how in sports’, Oren recaps. ‘I’m proud to say the sportsbook Plug & Play iFrame blends seamlessly to the operator’s website, it even has the same colour, fonts, etc. At the same time, the operator is in complete control over their exposure through limit configuration and reports.’


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