Top Reasons to choose Plug & Play Sportsbook iFrame Solution

Top Reasons to choose Plug & Play Sportsbook iFrame Solution

In short, here are the Top Reasons why would you need a sportsbook iFrame solution at all:

  •  It is straightforward and quick to add Sportsbook as an iFrame. It is mostly the same as adding a new Slots provider;
  •  You don’t need to know Sports. You get professional trading and risk managers to do it for you;
  •  You control your risk and exposure similar to Slots. Define limits from a player’s segments to a single-player level;
  •  There is a market and many Sports Betting players that your business can now attract;
  •  CPA for sports players is lower than for Casino;
  •  Some percent of acquired sports players can be crossed sale to Casino (mainly live Casino);
  •  Adding a Sportsbook is a complementary product that does not cannibalize the existing Casino revenues.

Let’s dig deep into the topic because we all know that “the devil is in the details”.


First thing first, what is an iFrame?

With their own or a 3rd party platform, Casino operators can easily and quickly add sports betting solutions using a Sportsbook iFrame. An IFrame (Inline Frame) is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. It means in plain English that it is a very straightforward and quick task to embed a full Sportsbook in your website or app.  For this reason, at Delasport, we call it a Plug & Play iFrame.



How is easy is it to embed a Sportsbook iFrame?

The process includes the following steps:

  1. The betting iFrame provider will supply a code snippet that the Operator’s developer just placed on the website. The code allows to launch or render a game or a sports feed.
  2. The 3rd party content provider (slots or sports betting) will integrate with the Operator casino platform wallet.



What are the differences between adding a slots provider and a Sportsbook iFrame?

Embedding a Sportsbook in your website is mostly the same as adding a new slot provider. In both cases, the integration includes adding code to the frontend side (website or a mobile app) and integrating the Sportsbook/Remote Game Server to the Platform wallet. The Sportsbook is served by the gambling solution provider, similar to a slot game that is served by a 3rd party slots provider.


The main differences are:

  1. As opposed to a Slot game, the look and feel of the Sportsbook can be customized according to the Operator’s brand book. The website visitors will see a homogeneous UX and identify the Sportsbook as an integral part of the website.
  2. In the Slots case, the Slot round result is determined by the Remote Game Server, running a Random Number Generator. The Sportsbook Software is a mixture of machine code and people (trading and risk managers). In a nutshell, traders are needed because Sports betting is done on real events.



How to choose a Sportsbook iFrame Solution provider?

Product & Coverage

An excellent Sportsbook that covers all required features in your markets, from sports disciplines, betting options, mobile UX, cash-out, different odds format, multiple currencies and languages, scalability, etc.

Experienced iGaming software providers and operators understand that the market needs dictate the popularity of certain products and sports. To this effect, the Delasport iFrame “plug & play” solution is developed with advanced technology, packed with immense content available and allowing it to be easily integrated into any site seamlessly. This gives the Operator the option to tailor the content stream to fit their target markets and players’ interests.

With over 70k pre-match, 40k live events, 125 different types of sports covered, from classic football and cricket to e-sports, virtual sports, and live tournaments, the Delasport “plug & play” iFrame solution offers a broad selection of popular and niche events. The 24/7 broadcasting and analysis of the games create an endless pool of opportunities for the players to enjoy

The Delasport’s Plug & Play iFrame solution offers a wide range of markets for every sport available, from fan favorites like “Asian Handicap” and “Over/Under” to the more niche betting markets like “First Half Exact Goals”, “Alternative 2nd Half 3 Way Handicap” and more. This vast selection of events and markets enables your player traffic to ease into the sports betting environment and ensures greater player retention in turn.


Risk management

it is critical to look for a solution with years of experience.  If you are not looking to hire your own Sports expert, look for a Sports Betting solution with highly professional traders and risk managers.

Risk management is the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks. This includes everything from the initial event pricing and any odds movement to limit liability to increasing the betting limits available to customers and analyzing particular betting behaviors to keep track of new information. Having a hybrid system in place, a combination of precise algorithms to compile the information and a dedicated trading team guarantees the quality and accuracy of the odds calculation.  Delasport has always been an expert in sports and trading, utilizing the latest technology along with in-depth risk strategies to ensure a profitable and fair realization of any operation.

Delasport’s sportsbook provides operators with more value through a better hold and a proven point of difference on pricing and content, with a market-leading trading staff that covers major and minor sports in-depth. A professional gambling site that gains trust in the market will run a cost-effective sports operation for you.


Real Partnership

In a revenue share business model, the Sportsbook iFrame provider should act as your trusted partner, run the sports product professionally and maintain the highest margin to achieve your new business goals. In the end, there should be a mutual interest to grow the business. Building on trust, the genuine partnership assures the brand owner that the gambling software provider will support them to enter new features to allow better standing and get a competitive edge, enter additional markets, adjust to regulation changes quickly, etc.



To ensure your business always scales and grows, the Sportsbook technology requires to be a cloud base and to support horizontal scalability. A modular Micro-services architecture allows cost-effective growth, and an always-on operation will guarantee maximum business continuity.



Sportsbook Plug & Play iFrame allows you to get all the benefits of adding a Sports product to your casino brand. It is quick, and you don’t need to have the know-how in Sports. It is simple as adding a new Slots provider. A level of trust is required. Operators do not know how the RNG Engine within the Remote Game Server Software works, and they need to trust the Slot provider. Like that, the Operator needs to partner up with a trusty Sportsbook provider with the best product and expertise to run the Sports product for him. The Sportsbook iFrame blends seamlessly with the Operator website and has the same color, fonts, etc. The Operator is in complete control over his exposure through limits configuration and reports and can enjoy adding a new revenue stream that does not cannibalize its existing Casino one with a lower acquisition cost and higher overtime margin.