risk management
This is our field of expertise. We are sports professionals, and as such we pride ourselves on delivering the best risk-management service in the field.
Currently we employ a team of over 40 traders who relentlessly monitor every single event, odds and incoming bets. For their efforts to really matter and bear fruit we have equipped them with the best technology and tools available. Through these resources and thanks to years of experience, our trading team is able to maximize the profit of your sportsbook at any given time.
The vast sports knowledge of our professionals allows them to compile attractive odds for all sports events and to fully operate a sportsbook while keeping the risk in check and under complete control.
call center
The competition between online sportsbooks is huge, and that is exactly why customer care is integral to the success of a product. This is one of the most important parameters that shape the end user experience and compromise in this regard lead to failure.
Here at Delasport we are not familiar with such a term. And that is mainly because we have assembled the finest Customer Care unit in the business. Our experienced operators will cater to your every need and help you guide your website in the right direction.
We will assist you with establishing policies and guidelines and will make sure that each client is taken care of according to those exact rules.
And with our arsenal of customer care resources and tools now including tickets, live chat, phone calls and even WhatsApp, there is no doubt that we will bring your business to the next level.
marketing & affiliation
Being first in one of the most competitive industries in the world is hard to achieve. But it is possible. One of the most important steps to getting to that number one spot is marketing. If you want to jump - your marketing team tells you how high, and with Delasport - it is is as high as possible.
Our highly skilled marketing gurus will take charge of all your campaigns and promotions, they will mold your products according to the highest standards in the business, and give a brand new, irresistible shine to your website.
Throughout their constant efforts, our team has mastered the art of affiliation and has turned this tool into a powerful weapon of persuasion and conversion. By using multiple channels and custom made solutions we have increased the reach of this mechanic beyond the simple URL link. We now link directly to the end user’s feelings and needs.
finance & fraud detection
Finance and Fraud Detection is one of the most complex fields in the business and we have taken this aspect under extreme scrutiny and brought it up to perfection.
Our fraud detection team is more than capable to take over your whole Know Your Customer (KYC) process, and acting as the first-line defense for your business. We are fully equipped with tools that allow us to cross-check users based on their personal information, financial and gaming activities, which in turn lets us identify abusers and potential frauds in a GDPR compliant way. The end result would be bringing your financial risk from any such activity as low to zero as possible.
In order to achieve such great results our experienced team goes over hundreds of documents on a daily basis, and through their customer profiling expertise, and by using various databases and social media eliminate potential threats sometimes before they even occur.