Top trends in the online casino business for 2021

Top trends in the online casino business for 2021

Making your way through the vast online casino world for a player can be a hassle to be sure. It takes time until they find that sweet spot of fun, excitement, and fortune that they crave. With new releases coming out daily, online casinos have evolved into an enormous and coveted market with noticeable niche tendencies.

Let’s look at the top casino trends in 2021 that keep any playerbase coming back to the thrill of online gaming and what to keep in mind going forward for the future of the business.


Mobile casino experience – not only a trend but a necessity

Mobile Gaming has been a top trend for a long time and it’s not a surprise that the trend is up and rising in 2021. Steadily, it’s consuming player traffic and will soon encompass the larger part of player accessibility. Having access to amazing titles that feel and look the same as their desktop counterpart is something that every provider is tuning to perfection. The evolution of casino gambling has seen a shift directly to mobile device experience, with many new releases having features that are comparable to the mobile video game scene. This along with a healthy competitive environment for the industry has made new age Slots, Live Dealers, Table Games, and others have a great boost to quality and player retention with intricate and subtle additions to the player experience.


A peek at the demographics and how to expand even more in 2021

With the recent turn in the industry due to the global situation, new trends are becoming a fact. iGaming providers and developers have been dishing out more advanced titles to fill the need of a younger audience that is looking to expand their online gaming entertainment. With a heavy emphasis on skill-based gaming, the demographic is targeted by additions of enjoyable slots and games that require more than just a “spin to win” mechanic to play. Accessing a generation that is used to a prerequisite of skill before reward for gaming is no simple task but a worthy trend to pursue in 2021 as more of the video gaming world mixes with the online gambling industry.


VR / AR technology – the next-level trendy steps

Taking your operation to the next level in recent years means that you will need to fill it to the brim with every possible gaming experience relevant to casino. With industry movement and leaders paving the way showcasing a grand offering not only for Live Casino and standard Slot gaming but also advanced VR and AR casino developments that have for a long time been undervalued as an option to choose. This is one of the trends that will see a major rise in the coming years due to its improved development process making even smaller studios ready to take on the challenge.



The online casino business has great things coming its way and we are excited to see the progress and new trends it brings to the industry. Another fact is, it has an advantage over sports betting as it will advance along with the technology available more so than its iGaming equivalent. The major push in tech advancement applicable to casino gambling is in large part due to the video game industry which is seeing major revenue and investment growth for the better part of a decade. With continued new and intricate releases hitting the online scene daily, the healthy competition and proven value of Casino gaming will find an even larger foothold and further develop all iGaming alongside itself.

So we’ll continue to keep eye on the niche, how it develops, and what are the top trends in the business, so don’t forget to follow us and check our blog regularly for more useful articles and news!


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