Why choose Delasport’s Sportsbook solutions

Why choose Delasport's sportsbook solutions

Are you looking to establish a successful brand from the ground up? Choosing a strong sports betting software solution that can provide you with the right tools at hand is crucial for your new venture. Set your standards high and always be mindful of the key aspects to a successful operation:


  • Supplier Reputation
  • Platform Capabilities
  • Risk management
  • Sports and Markets
  • Payment Methods
  • Managed Services


The sports betting industry is evolving at a rapid pace offering great opportunities for growth and providing many incentives for both established and new sports betting and iGaming businesses to flourish. The increasing demand for sports betting software solutions and the strong competition make it hard to find the right solutions provider who can match all your requirements. In any case, there are a few significant factors to consider while choosing a sportsbook solution for your business.


The reputation of the sports betting software supplier

The first thing to take into account while making a decision is the sportsbook supplier’s reputation.

With a large boom in the industry in recent years, a number of new providers have sprouted and produced more than adequate solutions, while other seasoned brands have carried the industry on their back since day one and are still holding strong and true to their ideals. Choosing a supplier means choosing a partner, a company that will fit your needs effortlessly.

With solid experience in the industry and a huge portfolio of partners, Delasport has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable software provider. The company develops and delivers high-end software solutions for the sports betting and casino industry to enable big and small operations to establish a successful brand and thrive. Finding the perfect turnkey solution is an endeavor that will yield you excellent results only through thorough research and passion for your brand, getting the perfect partner will net you the best chance to succeed.


Platform Features

A premium sportsbook platform should have a user-friendly and intuitive design, providing the fastest navigation, most efficient, and user-friendly sports betting experience. Understanding the players’ needs and combining key features like highly customizable front-end, multi-bet functionality, Dynamic Risk Management, and others, are essential if you want to have a powerful brand that attracts new players and retains existing ones.

The Delasport sportsbook solution manages thousands of sporting events across different markets. With a simple, yet engaging user interface, it ensures the end-user gets the ultimate satisfaction during their stay. The sportsbook platform adds a market-leading product to every operator’s portfolio providing everything that you need to succeed in the industry. It covers a full range of sports betting features including – head-to-head statistics, multi-view functionality, Cash-out, Live incidents & statistics and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing platform or be used as a standalone solution. Choosing the right solution will get you a powerful, customizable product that will give you the extra edge to stay ahead of the competition.


Risk management

A powerful risk management strategy is another important component for successful sports betting brand. An effective risk management service enables operators to provide the best player experience while keeping the risk in control.

We use the latest technology coupled with an intelligent odds compiling algorithm and employ a team of professionals who take care of every single pre-match and live event available. In-depth sports knowledge and over a decade of experience are the keys to effective risk management to boost your profit while keeping the player engaged in a hospitable user-friendly manner.


Sports and markets

The variety of sports available in a sportsbook platform is essential to consider when choosing a software supplier. It ensures that a sports betting and iGaming operator can attract a larger fan base of the most popular sports for their brand. A turnkey sportsbook solution allows you to choose from a wide range of sports offered by the sports betting provider and receive in-demand sports content.

Offering the right range of markets is essential to the region your traffic originates and needs to be fine-tuned so that you offer the most popular but also cover the niece demands for the area.

The Delasport iGaming platform offers thousands of sports events across hundreds of markets. A Live-betting section allows players to place their in-play bets 24/7, while the game unfolds. Having an excellent European selection of markets such as `Match Results (1X2), “Draw No Bet“, “Double Chance“, “Correct Score“ & more. Players will enjoy a vast choice across traditional and derived markets. With sports data feeding odds that are constantly updated to provide the most accurate lines of any event, setting a successful sports betting brand is a quick process with the right tools.


Payment methods

It’s the era of digitalization in all aspects of life. We’ve taken it into account trying to include as many different options as possible in our high-end sportsbook solution.

Delasport Sportsbook Solution and backend services offer a huge diversity of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, crypto, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Having years of experience in the sports betting industry has allowed us to partner with major payment solution providers and enable hundreds of payment options for deposits and withdrawals, all going through a single wallet solution. This includes almost every currency available globally, opening your operation to new horizons with ease.


Managed services

Some of the most successful brands go with best-in-class managed services. Whether you are looking for additional managed iGaming services to encompass a large growth for your brand. Or to have precise quality and care needed for certain aspects of your operation. The key aspects that will help your brand grow will always stand out if provided with professionalism and a large capable infrastructure.

Delasport offers impeccable Risk Management, Marketing, KYC, and Customer Care Services that can be the pillar for any business to thrive.  The years of experience in the industry provided us with the knowledge and tools to enable any operator to set their brand and steadily grow.



Launching a successful brand entails more than just selecting a reliable platform. It is also about the way you manage and expand your business. Delasport’s tailored services and solutions allow you to focus on growing your business and increasing your revenue, while we take care of the rest.

Our advanced sports betting and iGaming turnkey solutions provide great opportunities for new and established brands to grow faster and achieve success with minimal effort. More than just setting a sports-oriented brand, the complete turnkey solution available enables you to set the guidelines of your venture and if you so choose leave the rest in our hands to bring to fruition and success.

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