The latest in Esports betting at your fingertips with Delasport!

Esports betting at your fingertips with Delasport!

Coming in with a record increase in turnover of over 500% since March, Delasport has quickly seen the value of offering the latest in the Esports betting world!


New Esports betting opportunities

Recently Delasport has launched a new layout for ESports in order to offer the best competitive product to the partners and clients, following the goal to provide the best betting experience to eSport punters. You will find everything you need to stay competitive with more than 60 000 monthly events, 40 000 live events, across 100’s of gambling markets, and over 20 titles including FIFA, NBA2K, CS: GO, DOTA2, LOL, and many more!

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Chose the winning side!

Step into the game equipped with the best E-Sports coverage in the betting industry! Enhance your brand with an iFrame Solution, Direct Feed, Live Streaming, or Hosted Solutions and relish the new age of gaming with Delasport!

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