Step into the game with new Esports Layout from Delasport

Step into the game with new Esports Layout from Delasport

Enhance your brand with Delasport’s advanced Esports layout customization and step into an ever-growing niche market with full throttle! Break down the barriers with E-Sports tournaments and streams coming your way. Find 20+ game titles including FIFA, NBA2k, CS:GO, DOTA2, LOL, and many more!


Variety of Esports opportunities

Our new Esports layout has 200+ tournaments available so you can boost your audience’s competitive spirit right into revenue. Kick-off with thousands of monthly events and hundreds of options at your disposal that you can bet on! Get coverage of 40 000+live events while continuing to push boundaries with Real-time video streams for a more engaging experience that players will love to stake on and win big!


Easy integration

Make your perfect fit with our iFrame, direct feed, or hosted Esports gambling solutions that can easily be integrated into existing platforms or be used as stand-alone options for any operator! With its new Esport layout, Delasport will help your brand reach a new source of revenue increase and to enrich your existing players’ gambling experience!

Feel free to go and see the new layout in action at one of our premium white label client’s sections specially dedicated to Esports betting.

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