Delasport at iGB Live! 2018; a smashing success!

Delasport at iGB Live! 2018; a smashing success!

The iGB Live! 2018 was an event to remember with the iGaming Super Show, EiG, and the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference coming together at a consolidated three-brand event!

The party is over but we’ve made a bundle of new friends and also met with a whole lot of familiar faces, though we’re not sure who let them in.

We were able to pull out all the stops this year and were pleasantly surprised at the mass interest our colleagues had in our brand’s new products.

Headlining for our newest releases was our “Brokerage Betting tool” In addition to our platform, ease of use and direct interaction make for a personal experience that fits well into the trending changes in the gaming industry.

With so much happening all in the short span of three days, we would like to thank the production staff for making this grand event possible at Amsterdam, RAI.

Expect us at the next iGB Live show and come by for a firm handshake and a warm welcome;  till then we will keep looking to advance the iGaming standard while making true connections along the way!

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