Main Features of Delasport’s White Label Solution

Main Features of Delasport’s White Label Solution

A primary aim for Delasport is adding value to its software offerings ensuring a bright future for our clients and partners’ businesses. And the White Label Solution offers everything that big or small operators would need to launch a successful brand or expand their existing ones.

So today we are going to talk about the 6 main features of our full package solution. A ready-made product, allowing operators to focus on growing their brand, without having to invest time and resources in infrastructure and technology. Thus making it easier to grow at a rapid pace regardless of scale.

With the most comprehensive betting options, Delasport’s sportsbook solution is the crowning achievement in their suite of products. It can easily be integrated into already existing operations as a Plug-in. But its value is best as the flagship offering for a complete white label package that includes a great set of features. A scalable, multi-featural product that allows gambling operators to deliver access to thousands of sporting events across a great range of sports and an ever-increasing number of markets.


Plug & Play solution for your business

New and established operations of all sizes can get their online casino business up and running with little-to-no effort. With Delasport’s Casino Solution you make a fast entry into the market and get the latest and most engaging titles from premium casino providers. It is tailored to fit any operations’ needs and improve player engagement and retention. New titles are regularly added to the ever-growing titles’ portfolio to enable access to a world-class selection of games in a single casino software platform. Powered by the latest data-driven technology and a new dynamic user interface, Delasport’s Live Casino Solution provides its players with the most authentic gaming experience possible. It brings access to the well-known classics and the thrill of the live casino with Real Dealer.


Multiple tools package

Packed with all the tools needed, the iGaming white label platform offers a full suite of solutions and services to encompass every offering an Operator may want. This includes Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Esports, Virtual sports, Games, TV Games, CRM & CMS, Bonus Engine, Payment Gateway, and Advanced Agent System. Operators can always stay ahead of the curve with Delasport’s continuously evolving product line and deliver their player-base the best experience with every modern feature needed to stay relevant and flourishing.


Understanding your customers’ needs

This is the first thing to do in order to start building a successful relationship with your player base. An advanced Player Account Management system (PAM) including a powerful CRM that allows access to all customers’ data, generates analytical reports and helps to increase customer retention and engagement by creating personalized marketing campaigns. And while you focus on your business, a team of experts can do the hard work for you and help you build a loyal player base by configuring a wide array of customized offers based on player’s segmentation and generated journeys.


Risk Management feature

Growing your brand to become a market leader requires a good set of vital features that can give you advantages over your competitors. Effective Risk Management is one of them. Our team of experts has years of experience in the field and will enable you to choose the risk level that is most appropriate for your brand. In this way, you minimize your business risk and maximize your efficiency, leading to a better market position and thus greater success.


Payment Gateway

Delasport offers a huge variety of payment solutions including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, instant bank transfers, and mobile solutions. With Delasport’s Payment Gateway operators can easily localize their payment portfolio for target regions and gain access to a huge variety of local or foreign payment solutions provided by reputable partners.


Agent System

Another feature up in our sleeve is our Agent System. It allows online gaming operators to expand their customer base by acquiring offline players through agent networks. It includes Asian – style view which customers that enjoy live betting, and quality in-game action will really appreciate as an advantage over many others. The agent management system has a multi-tier structure that enables customization according to the operator’s needs and easy monitoring of the agents’ performance. All system functionalities can be smoothly incorporated into any existing sportsbook, allowing operators to extend their website’s target market and handle both direct depositors and credit customers.



Having a successful brand and running it is a big task! And having all the important build-in features is pretty much “a must”. With excellently managed services to ease the load, as a world-class iGaming provider, Delasport gives its clients and partners the opportunity to progress further in the gaming industry with ease.

Make use of exceptional Customer Care in tens of languages, available for your traffic at a moment’s notice. This backed by essential services and features for any thriving operation such as Fraud Detection, Marketing, Design and Branding, Licensing, Payment operator’s and Risk Management is what makes a one-stop-shop white label solution the obvious iGaming business choice for new or expanding operators to achieve success and staying ahead of the competition – a “win-win” situation all businesses should aim for!


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